Join A Committee

Civic Engagement Committee

We have many opportunities as young professionals to make a difference in our home communities. Our voices can play a key role in shaping local public policy. Take your vote to the next step and become involved in by championing local causes. Join the Civic Engagement Committee as we build a grassroots movement to continue the legacy of justice and equality. Featured Programs & Events Know Your Rights Forum Political Townhalls State of Broward Black and Brown Young Professionals Contact:

Community Service Committee

Community Service committee allows us to support the values of our affiliate , ULBCFL and the National Urban League, through volunteer service that focuses on empowering communities and changing lives. Vision: It is our goal to embrace and focus on the agenda of the National Urban League through sustainable and quality programming, education and awareness of community and civil issues and to furthermore build relationships and add value to those we serve. Featured Programs Monthly Service Projects Mentoring National Day of Service Events Contact:

Fund Development Committee

If you know how to or are willing to learn how to establish and build relationships or raise money (in kind or otherwise) then this is the committee for you. Even if you are new to fund raising or planning events we can help you to develop those skills. Join Fund Development to develop and maintain a robust funding stream to cover program and administrative costs of the organization and help to support programs like College Tour. Fund Development also plans our signature fundraising events such as the Holiday Party & Bowl-a-thon. Featured Programs Holiday Party Bowl-a-thon. Contact:

Membership Committee

The membership committee actively engages and retains prospective and existing young professionals while leveraging their skills and resources as active participants of the Urban League Movement. Featured Programs Members Only Events YP Meetups Contact:

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development committee seeks to promote advancement of young professionals in their various careers and foster the development of young professionals within the urban league movement and local community by hosting general body meetings, seminars, programs, and events purposed to embed the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the work force. Featured Programs Minority Business Expo Monthly General Body Meetings Contact:

Public Relations & Marketing Committee

The PR & Marketing Committee goal is to develop and maintain a positive and consistent image of ULBCFL to our members and the communities we serve; and deliver clear, effective and accurate messages using proven and cutting-edge channels. It’s job is to manage the HAULYP brand on its website, electronic newsletters and social media, increase the level of engagement and participation of its members and maintain an accurate history of its activities. Featured Programs Social Media Management Newsletters Press & Media Relations Marketing & Promotions Website Management Contact:

Social and Cultural Committee

The Social and Cultural Committee will coordinate events that nurture the social and cultural needs of the membership. Contact: