National Day of Service 2018: STEAM Ahead Program Recap

National Urban League Young Professionals (NULYP) chapters nationwide celebrate service by joining together to promote comprehensive STEAM educational opportunities and mentoring each Spring. By planning activities that expose black and minority communities, particularly youth, to fields they are underrepresented in, chapters generate excitement and awareness. Chapters partner with STEAM, STEM, arts and mentoring organizations to facilitate participation in National Day of Service.

The Urban League of Broward County Young Professionals Network kicked off their inaugural STEAM Ahead program on April 14th, 2018.  The STEAM Ahead Program targets underserved, low-income communities to expose middle school aged youth to the careers and fields of STEAM while infusing entrepreneurship within the curriculum. This workshop is FREE for the youth and sponsored by community donations.

First hour is a presentation on a specific STEAM related topic. Wacky Wild Science presented the topic LIVE Animal Adventure interacting and engaging the students. They learned interesting facts about these animals and were able to see and touch most of the animals.

Second hour included a 30 minute entrepreneurship lesson and a 30 minute group activity where the students created their own business idea based on the entrepreneurship lesson and the STEAM related topic.

Third hour each group present or pitch their business idea to the class and the winning group wins a prize

Final minutes of the workshop the students write “Thank You” letters to the sponsors explaining what they learned. Click HERE to read what they had to say.

The kids really enjoyed coming up with their own business ideas. Each group had to also identify a way of making a community impact with their business. Look at these creative business they created and pitched to the class.

Elderly Hotel (The Winners) Click HERE to check out a video of their pitch presentation.

-Community impact: provide refuge for the homeless

Learning Oasis

-Community impact: help academically suffering children

Go Banana

-Community impact: feed the homeless

Cycle Pic

-Community impact: reduce waste by using recycled paper to print pictures

Alejandro Scented Clothes

-Community impact: help people closer to the equator from being hot


Click HERE to check out some great photos.


We would like to thank our sponsors and partners:

Northwest Gardens

Housing Authority of Fort Lauderdale

On Call Leadership

Urban League of Broward County

National Urban League Young Professionals

Math Tech 360

Regal Printing

Pampered Roots

To donate to the next STEAM Ahead Program workshop visit

To donate to YPN programming visit

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