February 5, 2019

I AM EMPOWERED Speaker – Marcus Moon

Marcus Moon



Marcus Moon is a financial services professional who partners with business owners, individuals, and corporations to achieve their personal and professional financial goals. After spending nearly two decades working in retail for multimillion dollar big box retailers and cosmetic brands as a VP General Manager and District Cosmetics Manager, Marcus knows what truly drives results, leadership, high-level service and the acquisition, growth and development of high level talent.

Marcus now spends his time mastering the Financial Services space. Passionately focused on closing the wealth gap that exist in our country, by leading an effort to assist our communities in strengthening retirement, eliminating college debt through effective college funding strategies, and becoming wealth builders, who leave a legacy of multi-generational wealth to sustain the future growth and success of our youth through his financial literacy program INCREASE: A Financial Literacy Experience.


Session: Financial Independence and Securing the Bag

The American Dream has been described as the freedom to succeed and prosper, achieved through hard work. This session will cover holistic topics such as investments, business, personal growth, and money management. Learning these skills prepares individuals to recognize and seize important opportunities as they arrive. And seizing opportunity is one of the best ways to reach the American Dream. Learn more and be EMPOWERED.